Bobi Wine Survives Assassination at a Burial in Mpigi

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The National Unity Platform (NUP) President, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine has survived an assassination while attending a burial in Mpigi district.

Kyagulanyi who had turned up for the burial of the grandparent of Eddie Mutwe, the head of NUP’s security, was saved by the party security personnel that intercepted the mysterious man who was holding a pistol heading in his direction.

The pistol which was recovered from the man and exhibited before handing it over to police.

It is alleged that a scuffle immediately ensued as the man was handled, disarmed and later handed over to police for it to carry on the investigations.

This is reported as the third time Kyagulanyi survives, following the first incidents, where ununiformed men were noticed in his trail to different parts of the country last month during the party’s mobilisation drive.

Unfortunately, according to the party’s structures, Police did not arrest, investigate or have the suspects charged for threatening the life of the NUP president.

In that same vein, though this man has been handed over to Police, many of the party members believe he is likely not to be charged.

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