Bp. Ssebaggala Attacked by Hooligans During Confirmation Service in Luweero

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The caretaker bishop of Luweero diocese, Rtd. Bp. James William Ssebaggala has survived an attack by a group of people while conducting a confirmation service at Katikamu Church of Uganda. 

The fracas is suspected to have been caused by a section of people who are behind Canon Godfrey Kasana whose election as the bishop of Luweero diocese was nullified by the House of Bishops and the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stephen Kazimba Mugalu recently.

Following that incident which happened on Sunday October 1, 2023, police have reported the arrest of four people who allegedly beaten Christians, destroyed property and tried to confiscate some of the Church instruments.

Sam Twinamazima, the Savannah Region Police spokesperson has identified the suspects as Joel Droma (29), a private security personnel at Kareerwe market in Kampala, Ronnie Bakaki (23), a resident of Mambule Zone in Kawempe division, Kampala district, Moses Mugabe (21) a taxi driver who resides at Ssekanusu cell in Wobulenzi town and Owen Twesigye (25), who works in Kaleerwe market.

Twinamazima said the Police in Wobulenzi have commenced the investigations to reveal the intentions of these suspects. They have been however charged with charges of criminal trespass.

The situation was later contained and the confirmation service managed to take place. Bp. Ssebaggala said this has happened due to satan who always wants to fail good things for his ill intentions.

“It’s so unfortunate that someone can get the guts to attack the church and in the middle of service. Thank God, we have managed to overcome that, here we are having our children being confirmed into the Anglican Faith,” the bishop said.

He added: “Had we chickened out and run away, the attackers would have recorded success. We shouldn’t give satan space for celebrating.”

Rev. Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula.

After the election of Canon Godfrey Kasana as the Bishop of Luweero diocese on April 13, 2023, the house of the bishops had set July 16, 2023 as the official date for his consecration.

However, the same house of the bishops which sat in Hoima on on June 28, 2023 led by the Archbishop Kazimba cancelled Kasana’s election following a petition against him by a section of Christians in Luweero diocese who were not ok with his enthronement as the bishop citing facts that he gave birth to children outside his official marriage.

Canon Kasana was meant to replace the third bishop of Luweero, Rtd. Bp. Eldad Nsubuga.

The Church of Uganda clarified that if any elected bishop fails to be consecrated over several concerns and challenges, the archbishop takes over the diocese and appoints a caretaker bishop for a limited period of time. It was in that reign that Bp. Ssebaggala, the retired bishop of Mukono diocese was appointed and sent to Luweero by the Archbishop.

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