Don’t be Enslaved to Solving Your Family Problems-Gen. Katumba to Graduates 

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St. Elizabeth’s Institute of Health Professionals has today held its 4th graduation Ceremony which has been presided over by the the Minister for Works and Transport.

The ceremony has seen 743 students graduate in different health disciplines including Certificates and Diplomas in Pharmacy, Medical laboratory technology and Clinical medicine.

While addressing the graduands, Gen Katumba congratulated them upon reaching this milestone after having gone through several years of endurance.

He applauded the parents and guardians for having taken the responsibility to educate their children and not to choose otherwise.

In the same vain, Gen Katumba also encouraged the graduands not to relent and settle for this achievement but rather strive to upgrade and move from the Certificates and Diplomas they have attained and strive to upgrade further, attain degrees and many more higher education levels.

The Minister has however cautioned them against disreputable characters as they serve the public.

Gen. Katumba (left) the chief guest, right, Fr. Peter Ntege, the chairman board of governors.

“Personally, am a living example of starting small from a very humble background right from the islands of Ssese in Kalangala but successful in the end due to perseverance and making good life decisions as well as respecting the elders’ advise,” Gen Katumba stressed.

He encouraged them to be mindful with the way they spend their money as they embark on their employment journeys.

Gen Katumba speaking.

“Strive to save as much as you can every time you earn a salary with at least 10 percent of what you earn being mandatory savings before any expenses are done,” he said.

With this habit, Gen Katumba emphasized that this could be the only way the graduands would be able to have some money to facilitate their aspirations to further their education without bothering their parents and guardians who have already supported them enough right from the early stages of education.

He encouraged them to love their professions and serve diligently without causing harm to patients. He noted that the many cases of misconduct among the professionals are mainly caused by people studying courses that they don’t want and consequently end up being employed with jobs they don’t heartedly want.

The General however advised the graduands to be frugal in the way they spend money with matters to do with their extended families urging them not to be the solutions to every problems that come their way.

“Those endless problems that come from your families wishing for your financial support will be solved even without your intervention, so don’t be the solution to every problem, yes, you can help but not at the expense of your life and personal families” Katumba emphasized.

The Resident Director, Paul Raymond Ssebaggala says though they only award certificates and diplomas, the institute boost of a big number of doctors, midwives and nurses who are all over the country and abroad.

“We groom these students of ours into God fearing health professionals whom we ask to always mind about serving others instead of being served,” Ssebaggala said.

He has also thanked Gen. Katumba for being a humble servant who always finds joy in helping others.

He announced that the Institute is now undergoing different developments with plans of adding a Nursing school also in the final stages as the building dedicated for this development is almost complete.

“If achieved as we plan in the nearby future, the Nursing course will be the fourth course we shall enroll other students on top of the ones that already exists,” Ssebaggala noted.

Dr. Joshua Kiberu, the Kawolo General Hospital Superintendent also was in attendance.  As the guest speaker, he advised the graduands to be disciplined, avoid dubious characters and bad employment habits like laziness, late coming and untidiness.

Later, Gen Katumba awarded the 743 graduands with their certificates and Diplomas. The best graduands in several disciplines have been in a special way awarded certificates of appreciation and an inspiration Book, titled “Endurance” authored by Gen. Katumba Wamala.

Located in Mukono in Ggulu ward, Mukono Central Division, Mukono Municipality near Kyaggwe County Ssaza headquarters, St. Elizabeth’s Institute of Health Professionals has been in existence for 19 years since 2004.

It has contributed tremendously to education and health sectors as thousands of health professionals who have gone through this institute and greatly served this nation.

The Diploma in Clinical Medicine has had 103 students, Diploma in Pharmacy 68, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology 25, Certificate in Laboratory Techniques 158 and Certificate in Pharmacy 80. Out of 743 graduands, 434 are male.

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