Japan Gov’t donates modern science laboratory block to Kasawo S.S

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The students and teachers of Kasawo Senior Secondary School have a cause to smile following a donation of a modern science laboratory block donated by the government of Japan. The three classroom science laboratory block named Aziida N. Nsubuga Science Laboratory Block worth sh413m was commissioned on Thursday May 11, 2023 by the deputy Ambassador of Japan to Uganda, Tomokata Yoshimura.

Deputy Japan Ambassador to Uganda, Tomotaka Yoshimura receiving a plaque from the director basic and secondary education, Ismail Mulindwa.

Tomokata said that the facility has got three laboratories that are to cater for three science subjects that include; biology, chemistry and physics.

“We intended to improve the science education environment at Kasawo Senior School. This is under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), a scheme administered by the Embassy of Japan,” Yoshimura said.

He added that the construction of the science laboratory block is intended to allow the effective implementation of practical skills in biology, chemistry and physics in this school.

From left; Tomotaka Yoshimura, deputy Japan Ambassador to Uganda, Director basic and secondary education, Ismail Mulindwa, deputy RDC Mike Ssegawa and the headteacher Saleh Mukasa Yiga while at Kasawo Senior School for the commissioning of the science laboratory block.

Yoshimura said that so far, a total of 281 projects under the GGP scheme have been funded in Uganda since its initiation in 1992.

Kasawo Senior School, which is under Universal Secondary Education (USE) is located at Kigayaaza village in Kasawo sub-county, Mukono district. The laboratory block has got a science teacher’s office, storage and preparation room in each of the three laboratories.

“It has also got running water, gas, furniture and other equipment which is already installed,” said the school headteacher, Saleh Mukasa Yiga.

The deputy Japan Ambassador to Uganda, Tomotaka Yoshimura and Ismail Mulindwa, the director basic and secondary education launching the science laboratory block at Kasawo Senior School.

Mukasa added that the government of Japan donated sh313m for this project and the parents provided the rest of the money in form of co-funding.

Mukasa however showed dismay saying that the chemicals and other equipment like the microscopes and others to be used in the laboratories on a daily basis are lacking.

He called upon government and other well-wishers to come to their rescue saying after getting the laboratories, they will only get to full use if they get these missing chemicals and equipment which are relatively expensive.

The interior of one of the three science laboratories commissioned at Kasawo Senior School.

Mukono Deputy RDC, Mike Ssegawa asked the science teachers to utilize the facility very well and use all their time on how to improve the students’ performance in science subjects.

“We need to get more doctors, engineers, mathematicians, nurses and others science related professions from this school now,” Ssegawa said.

Mike Ssegawa, Deputy RDC Mukono District.

Ssegawa also warned teachers in government schools more especially science teachers who have a tendency of part timing in other private schools saying that is no longer allowed.

“Government is paying you well, there is no reason you are giving for not fully concentrating in our schools. Give children all of your time, I am sure they will also give back better results,” he stressed.

Ismail Mulindwa, the director of basic and secondary education in the Ministry of Education who represented the Minister of State for Higher Education, Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo said that the Ministry and government at large has got a lot of demands in regards to providing such important facilities in its schools hence thanking the Embassy of Japan which has over the time been so useful as far as improving the science education in different schools all over the country.

Mulindwa warned the teachers to focus on their work and avoid internal bickering which in most of the times affect the smooth running of their schools.

On the side of the missing laboratory chemicals and other equipment, Mulindwa advised the headteacher to use some of the money that government sends to this school to buy them.

Kasawo Senior School which is on the Muslim faith foundation was started in 1927. It is one of the traditional schools in Mukono district with the enrolment of over 1200 students.


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