Kenyan National Arrested for Caning his Own Son into Coma

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The Police in Namayingo district are holding a Kenyan National who tied his son with ropes and caned him until he became unconscious.

Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson has identified the suspect as Johnson Akato Rampando, a resident of Butahandu village in Namayingo district and the victim as Emmanuel Rapando of six years.

Enanga said that Akato was arrested after the concerned residents found him caning his son with the legs and hands tied apart like a goat which is being slaughtered.

After his arrest, Akato said that the boy was so stubborn causing him problems all the time. “I wanted to discipline him but I must have done it out of too much anger,” Akato said.

Enanga said that the boy was hospitalized and he is currently getting treatment as is father, Akato is pending to be prosecuted in courts of law on charges of child abuse.

“As Police, we discourage such acts on children, Akato will be taken to court after concluding the investigations into his case,” he said.

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