NRM’s Adongo Elau to Battle with Cecilia Ogwal’s Daughter in Dokolo By-election

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The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has unveiled Janet Adongo Elau, as the official candidate for the Dokolo by-Election although six other people had shown interest on the same post.

Adongo will faceoff with Dr. Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal, the daughter to Cecilia Ogwal who stands to replace her mother on the Forum for Democratic Chance (FDC) Party’s ticket.

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During the NRM’s mobilization meeting held at Dokolo Parish hall, two candidates; Judith Ayugi and Lillian Auma Okullo stepped down while five including Beatrice Molly Abang, Irene Amongi Ajwika, Grace Hanna Lalam, Rebecca Arao and Dr. Grace Anna Atine opted to run as independents.

Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde, the party’s director mobilization cautioned those intending to contest as independent candidates against betraying the party.

Seninde who attributes the party’s failure in winning by-elections to conflicts between party members asked district leaders to convince the candidates to step down to pave way for a smooth by-election.

“It’s very unfortunate that NRM wherever it loses is not because the opposition are strong, not at all but where members are many in a family, such conflicts are inevitable. So even in the NRM party we definitely go through such kind of conflicts where members of the party fight each other and whenever we fight ourselves we give opportunity to our opponents,” she said.

She also used the opportunity to inform aspiring party members hoping to be bought off to forget that saying the party has no money.

Emmanuel Dombo, the NRM’s spokesperson advised the independent-NRM leaning candidates to support the flag bearer, saying the election is for the party not individuals.

Dokolo district will go to polls on March 21, 2024 in a by-election to elect the woman MP following the death of Imat Cecilia Atim Ogwal who passed on last month.

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