Ssaalongo Habib Nsikonnene cutting the cake with his seven wives at the reception.

Prominent City Pastor Backs Man who Married Seven Wives at Once

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Most of the religious leaders have come out to condemn the Mukono-based polygamous man, Ssaalongo Habib Ssezigu alias Nsikonnene (36) who took everyone by surprise as he married seven wives at once.

However, for Pastor Solomon Male, the head Pastor of Arising for Christ Ministries in Kampala, he has no problem with Nsikonnene so long as he did not practice homosexuality.

Pr. Solomon Male

From Pr. Male’s contribution on Nsikonnene’s story carried in today’s Saturday Vision, he says he has no problem with him marrying all those wives at once.  He said what he did is better than the same-sex marriages that have plagued today’s society.

“I would have had an issue with him if any of his wives were below 18 years. I would complain if any of the women came out to grumble about being forced into this marriage. He is happy and so are his wives. I encourage other men to emulate him,” Male said.

He added that also in the Bible, Jacob had four wives, two of whom were sisters.

“Nsikonnene visited the girls’ parents and even gave over and above what they expected. He should silence critics by taking good care of his wives and children,” he advised.

Nsikonnene is a born of Kasana village in Mayangayanga parish in Kimenyedde sub-county, Mukono district.

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, he shocked the nation when he wed seven women in a single ceremony.

Though to some people, Nsikonnene, whose name literally means big bush, is a man worth praise but others more so religious leaders are condemning him saying what he did is an abomination which is punishable.

Unfortunately, he is not yet to listen to any counsel, with the view that it is his idea, his money and his virility.   He has therefore decided to treat the counsel as background noise.

Nsikonnene’s wives

In an interview with Saturday Vision, he said as a cardinal rule, all his wives have to be friends or at least pretend to be for the sake of harmony in the home.

Nsikonnene posing with his seven wives in a group photo.

As a non-conformist polygamous man, Nsikonnene also said there will be nothing like a timetable (kiyungu) in his homestead. Should he want any conjugal collaboration from any of his wives, he will just waltze in like royalty for a regal treatment.

Nnalongo Rashidah Musanyusa is Nsikonnene’s first wife, with whom they have stayed together for seven years.

The rest in order of their prominence are; Sharifah Birungi, Aisha Nakkazi Mukuuma, Zainab Nantongo Nakato Mukebezi, Mariam Nakacwa, Aisha Birungi and Fatumah Nakibuuka.

Nsikonnene’s sixth wife, Aisha Birungi is the biological sister to his second wife, Sharifah Birungi. It is alleged that about six months ago, when she had gone to pay a visit to her sister, (Sharifah) Nsikonnene admired Aisha and decided to add her on his list as well.

Aisha Birungi and her sisters Sharifah Birungi celebrating during their wedding.

The idea of marrying sisters has had Muslim Clerics in arms, but Nsikonnene is bullish that they cannot bark and bite at the same time.

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) secretary for religious affairs, Sheikh Imran Ssali faulted the yet to be identified purported imam from Kawoomya village in Nakifuma-Naggalama Town Council, Mukono district who presided over the controversial wedding.

“The Quran allows a Muslim man to marry more than one woman but not to exceed four. This clearly means that Nsikonnene’s action contradicts the Islam preaching,” Sheikh Ssali said.

He added that in Islam, a man is not allowed to marry two biological sisters as Nsikonnene did. Sheikh Ssali described the anonymous sheikh who presided over the wedding of Nsikonnene as a masquerader.

For the Anglican Church of Uganda, Rev. Abraham Lubega Kisakye from Namirembe diocese said the devil is now openly manifesting himself in people’s homes and called for urgent prayer.

The seven vehicles which carried the brides to the reception.

“As a Church, we condemn his action. The Church does not allow a man to marry two sisters. There is no man who can satisfy all those women and give them equal love. This is not how God wished the institution of marriage to be,” Rev. Kisakye said.

A relative said they used to move with their own imam, who is also their close family friend. He played the role of conducting the segment of tying the knot whenever they went for introduction.

For that effect, on the wedding day, Nsikonnene did not go to any mosque for the ‘Nikah’ since it had already been conducted during the introduction. It is also why he opted for a procession before a grand reception at his official home where he is to keep all the seven wives in the same house.

Find full story in today’s Saturday Vision (September 16, 2023)

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