FILE PHOTO: Vicar General FX Mpanga blessing the candidates at Kakoola High School after prayers. A Mbale school has urged students not to congregate for prayers during lunch time.

School Authorities Ban Lunch-time Praying Sessions

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Nkoma Secondary School in Mbale City has refuted allegations that it banned a Scripture Union and issued warnings to Christian students to forcefully embrace Islam.

Jimmy Osillo Jimmy, a teacher and member of the disciplinary committee described the allegations as mere propaganda. “We didn’t ban them but only regulated the time for prayers during school days,” he said.

“The disciplinary committee decided that students could pray individually during lunchtime but not in congregation. This measure was introduced to control indiscipline, as some students were misusing prayer times to misbehave or hide in the mosque and other Scripture Union without actually praying,” explained Osillo.

“We said during lunchtime, students should go for lunch instead of spending time in prayers. The new regulations apply to all students, including Muslims, with designated prayer times for everyone,” Osillo added.

He acknowledged that spiritual activities are beneficial for many students, particularly those from slum areas, but said there was a need for regulations to prevent misuse.

Other teachers and leaders at Nkoma SS also supported this stance. Magombe Edwin, leader of the Seventh-Day Adventists at the school said the School’s administration facilitates the transportation of the students to attend church services on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ndada Okechi, a long-serving teacher and head of games and sports, noted, “When I saw the article, I asked my colleagues which type of propaganda this was. Nkoma SS has not banned Christianity at school.”

Shipanga Michael, head of CRE/Divinity at Nkoma SS, reiterated that the school provides transport for students to attend various religious services, highlighting the support given to all faiths. He dismissed the allegations as propaganda.

*Source – URN*

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