Special Message for Mothers on Mother’s Day

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May 14th, is mothers’ day. It is celebrated every second Sunday of May every year.
Mother or mother figures among others include our biological mothers, in-laws, sisters, daughters, guardians and wives.
A mother is a rock, safe harbour, hard worker to make us the best version of us, story teller, chef, home maker, best mentor, guide, example, best friend, glue that keeps the family, mentor, role model, encourager, among other attributes.

Rev. Barbrah Koosi, School Chaplain Nyenga Senior School.

Being a full time mother is one of the most highly paid job because its payment is pure love.

To be able to say MOM, the lips have to touch each other twice, as a sign of unity. She even understands what a child doesn’t say, can you imagine!

Therefore, celebrating a mother or a mother figure is a way of showing love, appreciation and recognising her for the irreplaceable role of sacrifice, effort, etc in the family as well as strengthening the bond with her and fostering emotional well being and promoting a culture of respect and gratitude.

I therefore choose to celebrate my MOM Mrs. Robinah Namutebi Musoke of Matale, siblings, aunts, daughters and in-laws as well as all mothers and mother figures on this platform for your goodness and mercy towards me.

To all of us out there, we can celebrate our mothers with gifts, quality time, helping them out with home chores and daily routine, taking them out, paying them a surprise visit with cooked food, giving them cards, sending them letters, messages, mobile money, flowers, among others.

Show them love and care and give them support.

The Bible has many mothers to emulate, among others we have:

a. 2 Kings 4:1-7 a woman who sought wisdom from Elisha and saved her family from debts.

b. 1 Samuel 1:1-28 Hannah as mother who kept her promise and was able to dedicate her son Samuel to God.

c. 1Kings 17:8-16 a widow who provided for Eijah and was never in want.

d. Hebrews 11:23-27 Moses’ mother made a choice that impacted generations when she hid Moses for three months.

Nb. Choose a model mother too from the Bible and try to emulate her as a mother or mother figure inorder to impact nations by your example, for the saying goes, ” A mango falls not far from a tree.”

M- Maker of man
O- Observer of action
T- Teacher of life
H- Healer in pain
E- Extra careful
R- Reflection of God

Mother again is
M- Mother
O- Of
T_ The
H- Human
E- Excellent
R- Relation

M- Magnificent
O- Outstanding
T- Tender / Teacher
H- Honourable
E- Extra ordinary
R- Remarkable / Role model

Above it all, a mother can be summarised as;

M- Million things she gave me
O- Oh
T- Tears she shed to always save me from danger
H- Heart of pure gold
E- Eyes of long lasting love
R- Right, she will always be right.

I wish you all a blessed Mothers’ day as u meditate upon the message.

Love and greetings. Psalm 23

Compiled by Rev. Barbrah Nakityo Koosi, School Chaplain Nyenga Senior School.

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