Desire Kisakye Nsimenta, who is on the run after cutting her husband's private parts.

Woman Chops Husband’s Private Parts after Realising Faked Pregnancy  

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The Police in Mukono district are searching for a 25-year-old woman who almost cut off her husband’s private parts. Desire Kisakye Nsimenta is currently on the run after he attempted to cut off the whole private parts of his husband Vincent Sseguya.

Vincent Sseguya, whose private parts were almost cut off by his wife, Desire Kisakye.

It is alleged that Sseguya had just come back from Qatar where he had been on kyeyo for the last two years.

Though Sseguya had been sending money to his babe he had left in Uganda to sort out a number of family projects including the renovation of the rentals, he was shocked to find nothing on the ground.

The couple resides at Kirangira B Cell in Mukono Central Division, Mukono Municipality. According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, the incident happened on Tuesday morning at around 4:30am. Kisakye has been charged with attempted murder.

Onyango said that Sseguya alleges that they have had domestic issues ever since he came back from Qatar where he had gone to earn a living.

“Kisakye had lied to Sseguya that she was pregnant but he came to realise that she was just faking the pregnancy and that acted as a catalyst into their misunderstandings,” he said.

It is alleged that Kisakye fled to an unknown destination with Sseguya’s documents including a passport, national ID and his mobile smart phone.

Sseguya was rushed to Mukono Church of Uganda Hospital with deep cuts which were severely bleeding.

He said that Kisakye also attempted to poison him through tea but he managed to survive. Onyango has asked married people to always avoid sorting their misunderstandings with violence.

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