Woman Cuts Husband’s Head over Christmas Meat

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Police in Amolatar district have arrested a woman for cutting her husband’s head with a panga over Christmas meat.

The suspect has been identified as Milly Acen, a resident of Abutataro village, Alemere parish in Agwingiri sub-county.

It is alleged that Acen was infuriated by the fact that her husband Denis Obua bought meat for a woman he is dating forgetting to buy a share for his official family thus the physical fight.

However, the matter was not initially reported to police until a picture of Ocen’s cut head started circulating on social media, attracting the attention of the area village chairperson who then reported it.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson confirmed the incident, saying Acen has been arrested to aid with investigations.

Police recovered a panga from the scene of the crime and exhibited it as evidence while the victim was receiving treatment at Amai Community Hospital.

Okema warned the public against using violence to solve problems that could be easily addressed using other means.

He, however, noted that the Christmas celebration went smoothly except for a few isolated incidences such as a fire outbreak at Ngetta Mission where over five million shillings was lost, two separate road crashes in which four lives were lost, and a murder.
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