Know Your Clergy: Rev. Noah Nsubuga

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Rev. Noah Gabriel Nsubuga is the Director in charge of Human Resource for Mukono Diocese. A third born from the 13 children of James Ssekalo and the late Maureen Najjemba of Nama in Mukono district, Rev. Nsubuga went to Kisowera Primary School for his primary education (1995-2001).

His education journey continues as follows;

All Saints College Lukojjo for O-level 2022-2005

Mpoma Royal College for A-level 2006-2007

Diploma in Human Resource Management of Lugazi University

Uganda Christian University – Bachelor of Divinity and Theology 2011 – 2014

Uganda Management Institute – Masters of Institutional Leadership and Management 2016 – 2020

Doctorate in ministry, in the field of organizational leadership – 2022 to date at Asbury University USA.

Rev. Nsubuga is married to Jackie Nsubuga, a qualified banker

The couple is gifted with sons.


He is a social person who is loved by many, especially the youth for his free-style of preaching that is characterised by jokes and live examples.

His best dish is fish and matooke. Traveling and adventure are part of his relaxation.

According to Rev. Nsubuga, joining ecclesial ministry came as a result of an invariable call from God to minister in his vineyard, which expressed itself in dramatic dreams and visions.

Scripture… Mark 9: 35 ‘Personal convictions and people’s assertions each time they heard me preach. Of course I was greatly inspired by the late Rev. Fredrick Kirumira, a priest I saw for barely ten times in 1995.’

Nsubuga was ordained a deacon in 2017 and priested in 2019.

Appointment to the office of Diocesan Human Resource Director

“It’s viewed as a calling to professional and  diligent work practices, aimed at establishing a clear cut operational human resource system, clear chain of command and structure.

Job analysis and description

He is looking at enhancing good working conditions for every diocesan employee including the clergy in the diocese.

The HR manual, which is the canon against every relationship of all stakeholders in the diocese, should be measured. The organogram needs to be enacted.

Who is Canon Olivia Banja, the Wife to Bp. Moses Banja?

“Precisely, my work is to interest, recruit, maintain and motivate a credible workforce to achieve the diocese’s set goals and strategic plans. I speculated a lot of resistance to change as is the case for human beings but systematically, we are moving in the right direction.”

He was the assistant Vicar for Lugazi archdeaconry 2017-2018. Diocessan youth pastor from 2019-2022 and he currently doubles as the chaplain Bishop Senior School, a post he has held since 2019 to date. Bishop Senior is a Missionary and legendary school for the diocese established in 1910.


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