Land Committee Chairperson Charged for Forging Land Title on Forest Researve

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The State House Anti-Corruption Unit working with the directorate of crime intelligence have arraigned Okello Lawrence and Okwiri Joel before the Chief Magistrates Court in Lira on charges of Fraudulent Procurement of Certificate of Title, Conspiracy to Commit a Felony, Altering boundary marks and occupying a forest reserve for commercial purposes. They have been remanded until 19/12/2023.

Okwiri while being the Chairperson of the Railways Division Area land committee forged signatures of the other members of the Committee and processed a title on the Lira Central Forest Reserve.

He immediately transferred the same land into the names of Okello Lawrence who alleges to have paid him money. With impunity, Okello cut down part of the forest reserve and poured Murram to drain it to put a Petrol station.

The Ministry of Water and Environment officials notified Okello of the fact that he was on the Forest reserve and tried to stop him from constructing a Petrol station thereon, but he overpowered them due to the backing of some politicians and money.


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