Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula

Luweero Embattled Canon Kasana Fears for Life, Asks for Security

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The embattled Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula of Luweero diocese has asked for security saying his life is in danger following the threats he gets from the diocese.

Canon Kasana was elected as the fourth bishop of Luweero diocese by the House of Bishops but on June 28, 2023, the same House of Bishops nullified him after getting credible information that his integrity was misrepresented during the nomination and election process.

He says that following the witch-hunt, hatred and falsehood formed against him from the current administration at Luweero diocese, he feels insecure hence asking for Police protection.

Currently, the Christians in Luweero are at crossroads as a section of them are backing Canon Kasana whom they consider their bishop.

They are also hosting him in their different churches soliciting for money for him to sustain his financial demands including a grand fundraising which intends to buy a car for the man of God.

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The same section of Christians on Sunday staged a demonstration protesting the fresh nomination of candidates for the Luweero Bishop’s seat before the court hears their petition challenging the nullification of the past elections.

It was noted that on Sunday, the search committee left Luweero town for an undisclosed venue for a retreat to nominate two candidates, whose names will be forwarded to the House of Bishops for the election of the fourth bishop of the diocese.

The committee comprises the chancellor of the diocese, Apollo Makubuya, Rebecca Nalwanga, Rev. Canon Keith Muwanga, Canon Christopher Nkoyoyo and Amos Ggita, among others.

The continued praising of Canon Kasana by a section of the Christians is said to have sparked off a contradiction at the diocese and a group of the administrators want the latter to be controlled.

They want the diocese or the Church of Uganda to have Canon Kasana excommunicated from performing his religious functions as an ordained church servant.

Recently, the caretaker bishop of Luweero diocese James William Ssebaggala warned the clergy and Christians from collaborating with Canon Kasana.

Following a recent function through which Canon Kasana was seen baptising children in a church service which was covered by the media, Bp. Ssebaggala introduced new baptism cards which bear a seal and they are only found at the diocese.

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He therefore warned parents who take their children to Kasana for baptism saying any child who is baptised outside the recognised diocese organisations and bears a card lacking a diocesan seal will not be considered as baptised Christian.

The recognized baptism cards can only be accessible from the diocese by the recognised clergy for the diocese at a cost of sh3000 each.

The money from the cards will help in contributing money for the diocese and help in funding some of the developmental projects.

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