Obituary: Rest well Dr Kazungu David

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Obituary: Rest well Dr Kazungu David


In the land of Busoga, where legends reside,

We mourn the passing of a man with great pride,

Dr David Kazungu, a remarkable name,

Whose legacy burns bright with an eternal flame.


A diplomat, a politician, a man of prestige,

In the 1980s, he represented Kamuli with ease,

In Parliament, his voice echoed with strength,

Advocating for progress, going to great lengths.


As Minister of Rehabilitation, he held the key,

Unlocking doors of growth for his country to see,

In 1985, he took up this crucial role,

Bringing healing and hope to every soul.


But his impact went beyond politics and power,

He was an educator who nurtured each flower,

Reviving Busoga College Mwiri’s foundation,

Guiding minds towards a brighter education.


A patron of knowledge, a sage beyond measure,

He embodied wisdom, a boundless treasure,

A philosopher, whose words danced in the air,

Enlightening minds, showing us how to care.


The pillar behind Bugembe Cathedral’s rebirth,

He uplifted souls, bringing heaven to earth,

Renovation thrived under his guiding hand,

Restoring faith, making our spirits expand.


A man of the land, a practical farmer too,

With calloused hands, he toiled and grew,

Fostering growth, nurturing Mother Earth,

Teaching us the value of labour and its worth.


And in his family, he was a loving father,

A role model, a guiding light like no other,

His children and grandchildren, touched by his grace,

They will carry his love, his wisdom, and embrace.


Dr David Kantale Kazungu, now at rest,

Leaving behind a legacy that’s truly blessed,

A man of impeccable record and virtue,

Busoga’s encyclopedia, forever we’ll value.


Though he may be gone, his spirit remains,

In the hearts of many, his memory remains,

So let our tribute be a humble testament,

To a remarkable soul, our eternal lament.


CPA Frederick Wanume Kibbedi


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