Prioritise Gender Sensitivity – ACP Akoth Urges Officers 

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The Department of Women Affairs in Uganda Police has successfully concluded a two-day induction training program for Gender Focal Point Officers representing various regions and specialized units.

The comprehensive training was concluded  on Thursday September 14, 2023 at the Police Headquarters in Naguru.

ACP Akoth Carolyne addressing the trainees.

Its primary objective was to equip police officers with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for effectively managing gender-related issues.

Additionally, it aimed at coordinating gender mainstreaming activities and programs within their respective operational areas.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to tackle gender-related inequalities within the force, empowering officers and enhancing service delivery to the broader public.

Addressing the officers, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Akoth Carolyne, the Head of Women Affairs in the Police Force stressed the importance of addressing gender stereotypes.

“As a manager, it is crucial to recognize and challenge common stereotypes about women and men, regardless of the societal and professional context you find yourself in.” ACP Akoth acknowledged.

Furthermore, ACP Akoth emphasized the importance of understanding the dynamics of gender and how it’s considerations can contribute value to the organization.

She also highlighted the need for officers to be exemplary, serving as role models to promote these principles within the institution and the communities they serve.

In total, 20 officers benefited from this valuable training program which started on Wednesday.



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