Terrorism Alert: US, UK Warn Citizens Against Attending Nyege Nyege Festival

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The United States of America and United Kingdom diplomatic missions in Kampala, Uganda has issued security alert to their citizens in and those intending to visit the country.

They have been warned against attending “Large scale music festival in Jinja”.

“Due to increased terrorist activity, U.S. Embassy Kampala recommends that individuals exercise an elevated degree of caution and reconsider attendance at upcoming large public gatherings, such as large-scale worship services and music and cultural festivals in Kampala and Jinja.  Additionally, be mindful when visiting locations where people tend to gather such as hotels, malls, and marketplaces.” a statement from the US embassy reads.

Nyege Nyege Festival 2023 is expected to take place between November 9-12. The Minister for East African Community Affairs, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga is to officiate at the grand opening of the festival which has been painted immoral following the behaviours of the revellers who have of been attending the previous editions.

A number of religious leaders have put government to task for it to ban Nyege Nyege Festival but their efforts have always not yielded any fruitful results.

The organisers of the annual even have passed a warning to the people intending to attend the event to mind their dressing codes, only limited to picnic and bikini wears. They were barred from attending while putting on kanzus, gomesis and office wears.

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