University Students Riot over Surcharge Hike

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Students at Kabale University have expressed their dissatisfaction with the sudden increase in surcharges imposed by the university administration.

Policeman deployed at the man entrance of Kabale University. (Photo by URN)

Until recently, students who delayed payment of tuition retake fees, and other university dues were subject to a surcharge of sh30,000. However, the administration issued a statement last week, announcing an increase in the surcharge to sh80,000.

In response to this, a group of students staged a protest on Tuesday, marching through the university premises with placards that read, “Say No to Surcharge increase, we are poor.”

The protest prompted a heavy deployment of anti-riot police, led by George William Okello, the Officer-in-Charge of Kabale University Police Station. Concerned students, including Gilbert Sayuni and Denis Amanya, criticized the administration for raising surcharges without prior notice.

“The delay to pay tuition and other university fees on times means we are financially constrained but it’s not a deliberate refusal! Increasing the surcharges means you are penalising us for nothing,” said one of the students.

Winfred Namusoke, another concerned student, questioned the administration’s decision to increase surcharges without providing a clear justification. She called for the revocation of the surcharge increment.

Amos Tukamushaba, the Dean of Students, urged the protesters to remain calm, assuring them that their concerns would be addressed.



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