400 Students Petition Parliament after Kabale NTC Fails to Organize their Graduation

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Over 400 students attached to Kabale National Teachers College are stranded following the institute’s failure to hold their graduation over two years after completing their studies. Led by their leaders, the students have today petitioned Parliament asking for its intervention in the matter which they say have greatly affected their career life.

Joshua Kwarisiima, the guild president said that they were recruited into the Kabale NTC in 2019 with intentions of studying for two years and graduate with diplomas in education.

“We expected to graduate in 2021 but because of COVID 19, we were promised to graduate in 2022 but their promise was not fulfilled,” Kwarisiima said.

The students said that their parents and relatives who paid their tuition have started doubting them thinking they (students) did not study.

“We expected to graduate after two years of our study but it’s now over five years as we are waiting in vain. Our attempts to pester the university on this critical issue have not yielded any results,” said Kwarisiima, the guild president.

Sharon Ntungire, the vice guild president said that some students have tried seeking for teaching jobs but school heads have always rejected their applications without presenting their academic credentials.

When we contacted Annet Komunda, the Kabale NTC boss on a phone call, she referred us to Kyambogo University. Unfortunately, Kyambogo University also referred us back to Kabale NTC.

The students’ leaders have handed over their petition to the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Sports Cathbert Abigaba who promised to deliver their petition on the floor of Parliament.

The government in 2019 passed a national teacher policy which among other things phased out lower teaching qualifications in preference for bachelor’s degree for all teachers right from nursery saying this could boost the quality of teachers and later quality of education in the country.

The policy set a period of ten years within which all teachers both in public and private schools had to attain a degree or else leave the profession. The countdown began and 2030 had been marked as the cut off year.


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