Big Talent Fans Shower Kenzo with Love as he Celebrates Birthday

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Big Talent fans on Christmas showered the B.E.T award winner, Eddy Kenzo with much love as he celebrated his birthday on Christmas.

The fans stormed Kenzo at his Christmas show held at Colline Hotel in Mukono where they presented him a birthday cake which he cut after his performance.

Members of team Big Talent enjoying Kenzo’s performances.

The show which gathered hundreds of partygoers was also attended by one of the most celebrated Kadongokamu artists, Lord Fred Ssebatta who went to stage at around 10:30pm.

Kenzo performing at Mukono Colline Hotel on Christmas.

Ssebatta said he was so delighted to have gone back to the stage after three years of sickness. He also received a lot of cheers and support from the revellers who kept on giving him money during his performance.

Ssebatta was later joined by a singer and actor, popularly known as Maama Kiine with whom they performed a number of songs.

Kenzo appeared on stage at exactly 22 minutes past midnight. The way he performed almost all his songs from the one he started with to his latest, it was as if he had staged a launch.

Ssebatta together with Maama Kiine entertaining the revellers at Mukono Colline Hotel on Christmas.

In the middle of his performance, Kenzo said this was his tenth consecutive year, performing at Colline Hotel on Christmas day and applauded the fans for always turning up in big numbers.

Being a family show, it attracted fans ranging from children, the youth and old people who turned up mainly to watch Lord Fred Ssebatta.

Prof. Ssensuwa playing his guitor as Ssebatta was performing.

A reveller enjoying Kenzo’s music at Colline Hotel Mukono on Christmas.
Members of team Big Talent enjoying Kenzo’s performances.
Kenzo and his dancers entertaining the revellers at Mukono Colline Hotel.
Kenzo flanked by members of Team Big Talent as he cut the cake at colline Hotel in Mukono on Christmas.

Kenzo’s backup artist enjoying the performance too.
Kenzo together with his backup artists entertaining people with stamina dance.





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