Catholic Youths Tipped on Better Social Media Use, Financial Literacy

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The education directorate in Lugazi diocese has concluded its 14th annual youth camp which has attracted over 1500 participants. 

The camp chairperson, Lydia Lukwago Kagoya, the headteacher of St. Balikuddembe Kisoga Senior Secondary School says that the five-day camp held at Namilyango College School in Goma Division, Mukono Municipality has been attended by students from 29 catholic founded schools and others which subscribe to the religion which from the districts of Mukono, Buikwe and Kayunga.

From left, Bp. Kakooza, Fr. Bwenvu and Lydia Kagoya Lukwago, the camp head.

Running on the theme; “Lord Strengthen Our Faith”, Kagoye says the participants were tipped on exemplary leadership, the students’ relationship with God, youth and social media, among others.

Kagoya said that the Church and nation at large is challenged with leaders who lack religious values, something which prompts them to make decisions which are not beneficial to the societies.

“We aim at moulding and building the future leaders with characters and values which are built on a firm religious foundation. We hope to have our country revamped by getting leaders of value,” she said.

The schools whose students attended the camp are; St. Balikuddembe Kisoga, Namilyango College School, St. Joseph’s Seminary Nyenga, Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga, St. Cyprian High School Kyabakadde, Seeta High Schools, Uganda Martyrs Secondary School Kayunga, Seat of Wisdom Kasawo, Namilyango High School Gulama, St. Josephs S.S Naggalama and St. Charles Lwanga Bukerere.

Bp. Kakooza celebrating the mass which led to the closure of the 14th Annual Youth Camp for Lugazi diocese.

Others are; St. Joseph’s High School Namagunga, St. Mathias Kalemba Nazigo, St. Noah Mawaggali S.S Mbikko, St. Francis Borgia Mukono, St. Mathias Kitimbwa, St. Andrew S.S Kabimbiri, St. Ponsiano Ngondwe Kangulumira and St. Peters S.S Nkokonjeru.

Cardinal Nsubuga S.S Nyenga and St. Charles Lwanga Malongwe, St. Mary’s College Lugazi, Secret Heart Najja, St. Cornelius Kalagala and Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono. Kagoya also reported that two schools from outside Lugazi diocese; Trinity College Nabbingo from Wakiso district and St. Henry’s College Kitovu from Masaka City were represented by a student each.

The camp which was officially opened on August 25, 2023 was closed on August 29, 2023 with a mass, which was celebrated by the Bishop of Lugazi diocese, Christopher Kakooza.

Apart from blessing the rest of the congregation, Bp. Kakooza gave a special blessing to the Senior Four and Senior Six candidates who will soon in the third term sit for their Uganda National Examinations Board final papers.

Some of the participants from different schools during the closure function.

The host headteacher, Constantine Mpuuga said that despite the fact that students turned up in big numbers, they were well disciplined during the whole course of the camp.

“I am happy to report that they have left each and every property of the school intact as they found it. This is not so common when it comes to the participants of this kind,” Mpuuga commended.

Fr. Gerald Bwenvu, the Lugazi diocesan education secretary said that the camp had last been held in 2019 before the breakup of COVID 19, which resulted into the lockdown that left schools and other institutions closed for close to two years.

The Reverand Father serving the students with the Holy Communion.

Fr. Bwenvu said that financial literacy and management is among the areas which the participants got a chance to learn about.

He said that students, especially those who are in boarding schools are always given pocket money but some who lack financial management behaviours tend to finish in the first week, which is not good.

Fr. Bwenvu urged the students, parents and teachers to acknowledge the fact that social media came and it is here to stay therefore asking the adults to help the young ones to start utilising them well.

Some of the participants from different schools during the closure function.

“Social media is good when it is utilised well, I therefore urged the students to endeavour to use it profitably. We have lessons which the students can learn from the phones and laptops by the use of the internet, unfortunately, others decide to concentrate on the negative side of it,” he said.

Prisca Kigula of Uganda Martyrs Secondary School Kayunga said that she learnt very much from the practical lessons (skilling/craft work) they had.

Kigula said that one of the facilitators, Rev. Fr. Degratius Kiibi taught them at length about how to strengthen their relationship with God.

Some of the school chaplains and headteachers posing for a group photo with the bishop of Lugazi diocese, Christopher Kakooza.

Maxencia Nsangi from Seat of Wisdom Kasawo, the camp President said the students were taught how to make bags, shoes and other skills. Nsangi called upon the students who missed this opportunity to make sure that they endeavour to attend next year, saying that camps which are religious based like this one should be a must attend by everyone.

Walter Amade of Namilyango College said that he learnt that being a leader begins by leading one’s self.

Some of the students posing for the group photo with Bp. Christopher Kakooza of Lugazi diocese.

Bp. Kakooza handed certificates to the students who outshined the others and gave them a handshake which made them feel privileged.

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