Teacher Sentenced to 8yrs for Defiling a P7 Pupil

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Yumbe Magistrates Court has sentenced a teacher of Kumari Primary School in Koboko district to eight years in jail for defilement. Bosco Atiku, 36, a teacher of Kumari Primary School in Koboko District defiled a primary seven pupil of Omgbokolo Primary School in Yumbe district.  Atiku was arrested in March at Kumari Primary School by Arafa sub county officials. 
Court presided over by Yumbe Chief Magistrate Freddie Awacnedi heard that Atiku while at Mongoyo village, in Lobule Sub County defiled the girl at his home.
Prosecution also told the court that Atiku confined the girl for about four days at his residence by means of deception for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The information later reached the girl’s relatives and the school administration of Omgbokolo Primary School which led to Atiku’s arrest.
Awacnedi said that, convicting Atiku to serve eight years sentence is not only a punishment to him but also a lesson to other teachers who are engaged in such similar acts.
Awacnedi further added that, the fact that Atiku is a teacher, he was expected to be exemplary in the community and offer protection to the pupil.
“Atiku as a man in the working class is aware that there are many adult women out there looking for people like him for marriage than taking advantage of a vulnerable school girl who is under age”, he said.
Wayi Dragamulai, the Koboko District Education Officer, commended the court for providing justice to the girl and his family. He said that the sentence will serve as a lesson especially teachers who sexually abuse learners under their care.
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