Churches, Entertainment Places Asked to Seek Police Permission before Holding End of Year Festivities

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Religious leaders and entertainment venues that are willing to hold end of year celebrations have been advised to first seek permission from the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

The advice comes from the head of the security team in Mukono district, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Hajat Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka.

Mukono Resident District Commissioner, Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka aaddressing the journalists on Thursday.

Ndisaba says for only this time, also churches should first seek security clearance to hold end of year trans-night prayers so that they can be accorded the relevant security by the Uganda Police.

According to the RDC, the situation is dictated following the current insecurity trends in the country including the incidents of ADF attacks in Kamwenge district which have already claimed some lives.

Ndisaba issued the security guidelines while addressing the media in her office at Mukono district headquarters on Thursday.

She also warned Religious institutions and entertainment places which have not been allowed to display fireworks not to hesitate and have them displayed without Police’s permission.

“I am aware Uganda Police already scrutinized the people and venues that applied to display fireworks on December 31 and approved those which were found fit for the activity.  It will therefore be illegal and punishable by the law to again have fireworks in your place without Police’s clearance,” she warned.

The Uganda Police Force issued a list of 1907 sites where fireworks will be displayed or discharged.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said only those places which have been cleared will display fireworks.

The largest number of fireworks will be in the Kampala Metropolitan East policing area with 298 sites, followed by Kampala North and South with 290 and 280 sites respectively.

The lowest is Mt Moroto with only five cleared sites, Bukedi (06) and Rwenzori (11).

Addressing journalists at the Police headquarters in Naguru, a Kampala suburb, on December 27 2023, Enanga said all territorial commanders have been directed to watch out for the organisers who set fireworks outside the permitted times which he says can be dangerous to the public.

The commanders have been tasked to police the events to prevent disruptions caused by the forbidden fireworks.

The commanders have been directed to work in coordination with the contractors to review, assess and approve the discharge sites, and provide supervision and guidance.

Enanga said it is at the discretion of the commanders to terminate or suspend the display due to the weather or any other grounds which will deem unsafe.

The fireworks contractors are tasked to conduct onsite assessment, and shall at least supply five fire extinguishers properly tagged and functioning.

He noted that all displays shall be set up employing methods interrupting firing in case of unforeseen danger becomes evident.

He emphasised that no spectators or spectators parking area shall be located in the display area.

They prohibited smoking, matches and lighters within 50 feet from the display sites; and the persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or any other medication that could adversely affect their judgment.

Enanga said the organisers of the cleared fireworks display must also inform their neighbourhood through the media and local councils.

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