Rev. Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula, the bishop elect of Luweero diocese.

Leaked SMS Conversations between Cancelled Luweero Bishop-elect and Secret Lover

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The House of Bishops during their meeting held on June 28, 2023 at Kabalega Resort Hotel in Hoima district agreed to nullify the election of Bishop-elect for Luweero diocese, Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula over adultery.

In a press statement issued by the Provincial Secretary, Rev. Canon William Ongeng, he said that the extraordinary decision was taken because credible information was received that the Bishop-elect’s integrity was misrepresented during the nomination and election process, which invalidated the election.

“We regret the immediate impact this decision will have on Luweero diocese as well as the Bishop-elect and his family. We continue to pray for both, and assure you that the resolution of this matter is our highest priority,” Canon Ongeng wrote.

Canon Kasana however to date is denying the facts which were presented against him regarding it as false and baseless.

Investigations reveal shocking massages between Canon Kasana and secret lover

Investigations have unlocked the covered code of the “immorality” allegations that led to the cancellation of Rev Can. Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula as the new Bishop of Luweero Diocese.

This publication landed on call logs that were exchanged between Rev. Can. Kasana Godfrey (077265…90) and Ms. Nakyomu Milly (077870…79).

During the duo’s communication between February 2023 and last week which lasted 102 minutes between 54 exchanges, they carefully adopted coded names for themselves to disguise their identities.

Can. Kasana and Nakyomu’s code names were; “Boss” and “Manager” respectively. They referred to their two children as “workers”. We have learnt that the siblings are called Emmanuel and Edison. Though the surnames were as well revealed, they deserve protection given the facts that they are innocent and juveniles.

The new revelations contained in call logs now break the puzzle in which Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu had been accused of witch-hunt after he cancelled Kasana as the Bishop-elect of Luweero diocese.

The call logs show the mobile money amounts Can. Kasana sent to Nakyomu and all the SMS conversations that were exchanged between the time of February and last week.

Analysis of the messages appears to indicate that the children are either in a boarding school or staying with someone at Balitta – Wakyatto, Nakaseke.

In one message, Nakyomu says, “Good morning boss I have been told by the workers that I visit them on Sunday with some eats and some ka money so look for de solution this week.”

On April 4, 2023 when news had just come in of the election of Canon Kasana, Nakyomu sent congratulating messages to her secret lover and father of her children.

“Good morning our new elected Bishop (my boss) glory be to God. May His Grace help you to do big. My boss, you promised me that you gonna send the materials yesterday but I didn’t know what happened. Good day and congs, congs” Nakyomu wrote.

Then Kasana responded; “Good morning manager. It was so very busy after announcing. But am to send today.”

The House of Bishops ordered fresh nominations for Luweero Diocese on August 1, after Can. Kasana was nullified. His nullification occurred on June 28, in a meeting at Kabalega Resort Hotel in Hoima.

The current bishop Eridad Nsubuga will leave office on July 9, after clocking 65 years of age. His successor will be consecrated on August 6, at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Luweero diocese.

However, Can. Kasana denies the allegations of infidelity calling the whole saga, politics in Church.

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