Magistrate Sent to Jail over Theft

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The Police in the West Nile Region in Nebbi district, charged a Magistrate Grade 2, known as Kerican Peter Prosper for allegedly stealing huge sums of money.

The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga says Kerican faced his arrest after an investigation found out that he allegedly stole the cash amounting to sh402m that was meant for compensating his Uncles and Aunties for their land.

“It was established that during the month of January 2022, at Angal Lower Parish, Nyaravur sub-county, in Nebbi district, the beneficiaries authorised Kerican to receive their cash compensation, through his bank Account at Housing Finance, thinking he was a trustworthy person,” he said.

Police says the money was paid to the beneficiaries by the Ministry of Defence as compensation for land acquired by the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) in 2001.

“We are continuing to look into what he did with the money. It is painful that someone who holds the sacred trust with the community instead yielded to the temptation of self-interest and wrongly assumed control over property that he was not entitled to,” Enanga noted, adding that: “We do strongly condemn such holders to trust, who betray innocent civilians.”

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