Minister for Karamoja Affairs Goretti Kitutu being escorted after the court proceeding at the Anti-Corruption Court.

Minister Mary Goretti Kitutu: Hanging Her Alone Won’t Settle the Public Mistrust!!!

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Prosecuting the Minister for Karamonja Affairs, Mary Goretti Kitutu and remanding her to Luzira Prison left a number of Ugandans with mixed feelings. Some of them are in jubilation following the act saying it’s giving justice to the People of Karamonja whereas others are extremely not happy saying it’s a witch hunt to the poor Minister.

They say, given the fact that over 30 Ministers including the Prime Minister Robina Nabbanja herself who also got a lion’s share of the iron sheets are not yet bothered not even recording a Police statement.

Others from day one have asked Minister Kitutu not to die alone given the fact that many big government wings are involved in the game which they have left her to die alone.

However, to my own judgment, the Minister must remain silent otherwise the mafias will put her off the hook. She only has one alternative, which is to accept to be a sacrificial lamb.

Otherwise if she decided to talk about everything as it is, Ugandans would be shocked!

Her working life has covered a broad spectrum in the areas of environment information systems and management, geotechnical assessments, disaster and vulnerability assessments, and environmental monitoring.

She is well-travelled as would be expected of someone with working experience involving international organisations such as the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, African Union and the East African Community.

Definitely, one can see there was connivance! Even when she has a case to answer, hanging her alone won’t settle the public mistrust for justice.

Those in charge should be worried of her silence because already the public is on her side saying she couldn’t single handily have authorised the iron sheet bonanza.

Her silence and crying makes a more serious statement than talking!

You remember when Uganda Airlines was being revived; all Ministry of Works officials couldn’t answer questions of ownership. On record even the name of Uganda Airlines had been taken and registered by an individual. The question was “who was responsible?”

One of the staff who was before the Parliamentary committee for interrogation said, “Please I can’t talk anymore” MPs knew his life would be in danger, therefore the question session was closed just like that!

So every time you see the silence of senior officers like Kitutu, just know the louder messages behind the silence.

Lukyamuzi Davies 

Marketer and Political Analyst 

Based in Mukono


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