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Nnabagereka’s Kisaakaate 2024 Attracts Huge Numbers

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Queen Sylvia Nagginda’s mentorship program commonly known as Ekisaakaate has kicked off at Hormisdallen Secondary School in Gayaza. The two-week program will end on 20th  January, 2024.

The program is aimed at revitalizing and strengthening moral values, leadership, domestic duties, and practical skills among the children and youth.

On Thursday, several parents arrived at Buganda Kingdom headquarters in Bulange, Mengo with their children and entrusted them with a team of experienced mentors chosen by Nagginda.

Mentors, who are commonly described as Abagunjuzi, welcomed the parents, and more than 200 children, and took them through the registration process. Buses were parked at Bulange waiting to transport the children to Hormisdallen.

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Kotilda Nakate, the Kingdom Minister for Health and also in charge of Nnabagereka’s, mentorship for children said that the program is very important as it helps them to deal with life challenges such as self-protection and decision-making.

“For every parent out there, you should prioritize togetherness and honesty among children. Children should be honest, should love to live together, and should have empathy for others,” Nakate said.

Other than person protection, decision-making, and general etiquette, students will also be equipped with hands-on skills such as baking, weaving, hygiene, meal preparation, and proper gardening.

Dr. Rashid Lukwago said emphasis will also be put on mental-related challenges since children are still recovering from the COVID-19 impact when they stayed home for two years without any school-related activities.

Lukwago said many children are living in homes where they have access to necessities they need in life but they are mentally not concentrated and feel they are lacking love from their parents including siblings.

Nicollet Namugere’s father Waiswa from Busoga, says that he believes that the culture of Buganda doesn’t differ much from his. He said he is preparing the daughter for her future life and believes that culture plays are an important aspect in a person’s life.


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