Notorious Kampala Kifeesi Gang Leader Sobi, Five Others Killed in Gomba

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Paddy Sserunjogi a.k.a Sobi a notorious Kampala based Kifeesi gang leader has been killed. A self-confessed hard-core criminal, Sobi is reported to have been killed in Maddu-Gomba in a botched land eviction. 

The news of Sobi’s killing has been confirmed by the acting Katonga Region Police spokesperson, Karim Majid.  Majid says Sobi was killed by the mob as he had allegedly gone to effect a land eviction with his team of goons. According to Police, Sobi has been killed together with five other gangs.

It is alleged that in the incident that happened on the land belonging to one Kalisaa, in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish in Maddu sub-county, Gomba district, aa group of around 50 people armed with sticks, pangas and spears attacked another group that claimed the same land belonged to them.

It was during the fight that Sobi was overpowered and killed. It is said that different groups claiming ownership of the land in question hired goons from Kisenyi in Kampala hence fighting each other leading to Sobi’s death.

Majid said the police was still on the group to gather more facts including some injured people and possibility of other dead bodies.

Sobi came to the spotlight in 2017 when he confessed to being the leader of the famous criminal gang called Kifeesi that were terrorizing people in Kampala.

He conducted operations that involved petty theft, armed robberies and sometimes murder.

Sobi shocked the citizens when he confessed that he was working for Internal Security Organisations (ISO) during the reign of Col. Kaka Bagyenda.

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