Joyce Baagala, Woman MP Mityana District

NUP MPs Baagala and Nyeko Receive Death Threats

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The police are investigating death threats towards the National Unity Platform (NUP) Members of Parliament. The threats extended by the said tired officers have been extended in writing to Joyce Baagala, the Mityana District Woman MP and Derrick Nyeko of Makindye East.

Derrick Nyeko, MP Makindye East.
The group behind the threats is called Association of Tired officers in Uniform -ATOU. The unanimous letter is asking the legislators to send them sh10m on a telephone number which is believed to be of Saudi Arabia.
Addressing the press conference today at police headquarters in Nagguru, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the suspects also threatened to kill the members of parliament in case they don’t work on their salaries, working environment, welfare among others that they will be no more.
Enanga added that the police cannot take such cases lightly and investigations into the matter are going on. But he warned MPs to be careful and control thier movements.
Enanga stressed that the Parliament police has been briefed on how to handle such threats.
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