UNPOPULAR OPINION: More Harm than Good from Cindy Vs Sheebah Concert 

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By James Onen – FATBOY 

The Cindy vs Sheebah concert has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of memorable performances, electrifying music, and passionate fans. However, it’s essential to reflect on an aspect of the event that warrants our attention – the need to stop publicly belittling each other for the sake of promoting a concert.

In the world of music, competition is natural and can be healthy. It pushes artists to excel, innovate, and continually raise the bar for their craft.

Sheebah performing at Kololo during her battle with Cindy.

Cindy and Sheebah are undoubtedly talented artists who have carved out their own unique niches in the industry. Both deserve respect and admiration for their contributions to the Ugandan music scene.

Yet, it’s disheartening to witness how the build-up to the Cindy vs Sheebah concert saw a surge in public belittling, name-calling, and divisive rhetoric.

Social media platforms were flooded with fans of both artists engaging in heated debates and mudslinging, often fueled by emotions rather than constructive criticism.


Cindy performing at Kololo during their battle with Sheebah.

This kind of behavior is not unique to this concert alone… it has become an unfortunate trend in the entertainment industry and beyond. It’s high time we recognize the harmful consequences of such actions. Publicly belittling others not only damages the reputation of the artists involved but also fosters a toxic atmosphere within fan communities and society at large.

Promoting a concert doesn’t require tearing down the opposition. Instead, we should celebrate diversity in music, honor the hard work and dedication of all artists, and emphasize the power of collaboration over competition.

Cindy and Sheebah themselves, despite their differences, could serve as role models by coming together for a joint performance or project that unites their fans rather than dividing them.

The funs who turned up in big numbers at Kololo for Cindy Vs Sheebah Concert.

Music is subjective, and personal preferences vary. Just because someone supports one artist doesn’t mean they should denigrate another. Let’s encourage open-mindedness, appreciation for different styles, and respectful dialogue.

Let us rally behind our favorite artists without belittling others, and together, we can create a more harmonious and united cultural landscape for everyone to enjoy. Music has the power to bring people together, and it’s high time we let it do just that.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that the promotion of the Cindy vs Sheebah concert unfortunately exploited harmful stereotypes about women being petty, constantly bickering amongst each other, and tearing each other down.

This kind of marketing tactic perpetuates a damaging narrative that pits women against each other, creating a divisive and hostile environment. Such stereotypes not only hinder the progress of women in the music industry but also contribute to the broader societal issue of gender discrimination.

Instead of reinforcing these stereotypes, we should be celebrating the achievements and collaborations of female artists and advocating for a more supportive and empowering environment that fosters unity, not division, among women in music and beyond.

Yes I admit I also participated in the online melodrama while mostly siding with Cindy but in hindsight I now realize that I was wrong to have done so and I hereby apologise to Sheebah for the many jokes and unflattering comments I made at her expense.

Both are amazing artists and I love them equally! Let us all try to be better next time.


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