Bobi Wine Clarifies on Who to Support on Pallaso and Alien Skin

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Most Ugandan artists have mastered the art of stage managing scenes (stunts) more so if they are targeting a push over certain things. It could be when they are nearing lunch of their music shows or when they have just released hit songs. Some of the faded artists have also done some weird things all in the name of a comeback.

In that same reign, a section of Ugandans believe that by slapping Alien Skin, Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso wanted to attract the attention of Ugandans to his June 9th, Love Fest concert which had over a week to its due date.

Pallaso (left) and Alien Skin (right)

Unknowingly, Pallaso seems to have miscalculated, as he had not known that Alien Skin would decide to retaliate in a most dangerous manner which seems to affect his long time sweats.

Alien Skin first explained to his followers who thought that as a Ghetto superstar, he would not just look on as Pallaso slapped him as if he was a nursery boy.

He said: “I am a boxer; I did not intend to cause trouble because fighting back would mean murder, a case which I was not ready to answer.”

Pallaso quickly called for a press conference and he apologized to his fellow artist and supporters for what he had done, asking for a pardon.

Unfortunately, Alien Skin did not let this go just like that, seven days to Pallaso’s concert D-day; he announced the Sitya Danger show on that same date but on Freedom City. The Love Fest concert is organised at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

It happened to be a joke, for Alien Skin to organise a concert in that short period of time. However, the support he is commanding has again threatened Pallaso, his management and supporters.

“We are not going to Pallaso’s Love Fest concert, we are going to support Alien Skin so that he can raise funds for treatment after the latter’s assault,” said one of the supporters on social media.

As if that was not enough, on Wednesday, Pallaso almost cried blood when Alien Skin drove through downtown and attracted masses around him.

In one of the interviews, Abbey Musinguzi of Abtex Promotions who is promoting Alien Skin’s show said he (Alien Skin) is writing history by organising a show which is going to attract hundreds of supporters but in a shortest period of time which is almost less than seven days.

Balaam Marketing Agency of Balaam Barugahara is the one promoting Pallaso’s show and he is moving all over media houses doing his job though the responses from the public are somehow bending towards Alien Skin.

Alien Skin’s list of songs

Sitya Danger, Tonkaka, Lockdown, Twayiseko dda, Tulabise, Enfunayo, Mitwe, Mbatisana, Private Part and many others. However, the Ghetto boy (Alien Skin) as he is referred to by the many got the break through during the COVID 19 lockdown.

Pallaso’s list of songs

Mpa Love, Binyuma, Bega Bega, Bareke Abo, Minzani, Nalonda ne mmala, Simple Guy, Malamu, Gwavawa, Guwe nze, Kiriza, Mukyakale, Mpulira bulungi and many others.

Pallaso is a member of the Mayanja Family which comprises Jose Chameleon, Wizo and the Late AK 47.

Bobi Wine’s post endorsing both Pallaso and Alien Skin

Tomorrow 9th June, two of our vibrant artists are hosting their concerts.

ALIEN SKIN is a true representation of the Ghetto and THAT IS WHO WE ARE. We owe him support, love and guidance.
PALLASO is my good friend and I owe him love. In 2018 at my darkest- when I was abducted, tortured and held by the military, he was among the few artists who used their music to call for my freedom. I will never forget that. I wish him a good concert.
Kampala has so many people that can fill both venues – Freedom City and Lugogo. It has happened before.
Dear friends, please go out and support your choice. Just don’t stay home.










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