53-Year-Old Man Beats One-Week-Lover to Coma for Accusing him of Sleeping with Landlady

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The Police in Mukono district are holding a 53-year-old man who beat his one-week-lover to coma.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson identified the suspect as George Otim and the victim as Josephine Adero who are residents of Luwunga village in Nama sub-county, Mukono district.

Owoyesigyire said that on Christmas day at around 4:00pm, Otim used a brick to beat Adero in the face for accusing him of being in secret love affairs with their landlady.

Police said that Otim was arrested and detained at Nama Police post as the inquiries into the case commenced. For the unconscious Adero who was furiously breeding through the mouth and nose was rushed to Mukono General Hospital for medical attention.

While making a media briefing in her office at Mukono district headquarters on Thursday, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Hajat Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka revealed that among the cases which were reported to different police units in the district, cases relating to domestic violence topped the list.

Ndisaba blamed the lovers who decide to solve their misunderstandings with much anger and violence, something which she said cannot be a solution at any moment.

“If you cannot seek help from either the area leadership or police, then let one of the two partners leave the relationship just to have harmony and avoid incidents of fighting leading to either injuring each other or death,” she advised.

On December 27, 2023, police in Kampala at Mosque zone in Makindye division recorded a murder case where a 21-year-old woman Shina Atwine allegedly stabbed her boyfriend, a 24-year-old barber, Arnold Senkungu to death and she later killed herself.

Owoyesigyire said that after discovering fresh blood and a locked door, the neighbours forced entry into Senkungu’s house, only to find him alive but later succumbed to injuries at Kibuli Hospital.

He added that tragically, Shina was found lifeless with a deep neck wound which she allegedly inflicted on herself after stabbing Senkungu to death point.

“Swift police response and Homicide Unit assistance uncovered a scene of struggle. A new knife with fresh blood and witness statements were pivotal to the investigation,” he said.


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