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Mpuuga Cautions New LOP Ssenyonyi against Inapt Arguments

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The outgoing Leader of Opposition (LOP), Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, has cautioned his replacement; Joel Ssenyonyi against petty arguments that may distract him from executing the responsibilities of his new assignment.

Last week, the National Unity Platform (NUP), made changes in their parliamentary leadership, naming Ssenyonyi as the new Leader of the Opposition.

Mpuuga, who was addressing the party leaders and supporters at Kirowooza ward in Masaka City, during the memorial mass of one of the party’s activists Frank Ssenteza Kalibbala who was knocked dead during the 2021 campaigns, warned his successor of internal disruptive elements that are awaiting to undermine his efforts and focus towards achieving the party’s primary aspirations.

He indicates that while the office of the Leader of the Opposition is required to fulfil a constitutional mandate of oversight, a section of the public including party supporters interpret it as a conduit for looting public funds and would wish to exploit it for personal appeasement.

Mpuuga urged Ssenyonyi to be courageous enough, to confront all undue pressures and distractions that may prevent him from efficiently performing the responsibilities of the new assignment, hence casting the party into public disrepute.

Although he expressed confidence in the abilities of his successors, Mpuuga also cautioned him on cliques of opportunists, who always want to posture around leaders to claim relevance over others, yet their social conduct discredits the party.

According to Mpuuga, the party’s leadership is duty-bound to provide appropriate guidance to their supporters at all times; such that they can present themselves to the country as a better alternative to the regime they are challenging.

Ssenyonyi becomes the second Leader of the Opposition in Parliament from NUP. He expressed readiness to take up the tasks ahead of him and pledges to seek guidance from his predecessors.

The NUP party President Robert Kyagulanyi called upon their supporters to avoid instigating unwanted disputes among their leaders and structures, warning that these will divert the party from its ambitions that require a united force.

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