Deputy RDC Suspended for Assaulting Resident

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Luuka deputy Resident District Commissioner Paul Waiswa has been suspended for gross misconduct. The decision follows a complaint filed by Abdullah Kisige, a casual labourer at Kiyunga car washing bay, in Luuka district, who accused Waiswa of beating him up. Kisige accompanied his complaint with a WhatsApp video, where Waiswa is seen hitting him with a sugarcane stem.

In the video, which was reportedly captured by onlookers on March 2, Waiswa is seen pushing Kisige off a motorcycle forcing him to fall to the ground where he followed him and beat him up unsparingly. The scuffle was reportedly triggered by an order for a free car wash service, which Kisige objected to.

In the same video recording, Waisswa was heard threatening to arrest Kisige if he declined to adhere to his order while onlookers are seen attempting to calm the situation in vain.

Kisige says that he attempted to register a case of assault with Luuka Central Police Station on Saturday evening but the officers on duty advised him to reconcile with Waiswa. He then resolved to file a complaint with the President’s Office yesterday, where he was promised a timely response.

In the aftermath, Waiswa was summoned to the president’s office where he interfaced with the secretary to the Office of the President, Yunus Kakande. After the meeting, Kakande resolved to indefinitely suspend him over gross misconduct.

Kakande also directed Waiswa to table his defense on the matter within 14 days, stating why the matter should not be forwarded to the rewards and sanctions committee for further disciplinary action.

Kisige says that he is currently experiencing severe back pains and undergoing treatment at Kiyunga Health Centre IV.


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