Lujja Bbosa Tabula Ndiga clan leader killer suspect wanted.

Fresh Details Merge in the Murder of Ndiga Clan Leader

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Investigations about the murder of Ndiga clan leader Lwomwa Eng. Daniel Bbosa show that his killers were hired by his namesake and nemesis Lujja Bbosa Tabula.

Information gathered by the police from Mengo, the seat of Buganda Kingdom shows that Tabula installed himself as the ‘legitimate’ leader of the Ndiga Clan in 2021 but the Bbosa declined to relinquish power.

The event which was held at Mbaale-Mawokota, Mpigi district was also witnessed by several members of the Ndiga clan who later attempted to present Tabula to the Buganda Kingdom parliament led by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga in vain.

After being tossed at Bulange-Mengo, Tabula and his seconders opened a case in the Kingdom’s traditional court commonly known as Kisekwa which declared Tabula as the lawful clan leader. However, Bbosa appealed against the decision to the Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II as the final judge on clan matters. The Kabaka was yet to internalize the petition and reports presented by the warring parties.

According to the police investigation Tabula worked alongside Buganda Kingdom’s Tradition Court clerk, Milly Naluwenda, to hire Bbosa’s killers on February 25 near his home at Kikandwa zone, Lungujja Parish, Rubaga Division, in Kampala.

Bbosa was shot three times by three men moving on a motorcycle. However, the locals pursued the killers, knocked them down and lynched one of them, later identified as Enock Sserunkuma while Noah Lujja, the second suspect was spared after being clobbered purposely to provide information on who hired them to end Bbosa’s life.

Lujja, who is now receiving treatment at Mulaga Hospital has since provided information leading to the arrest of six other people including Naluwenda who was arrested on Thursday night. Sources have said that Naluwenda was in constant contact with Sserunkuma and Noah Lujja for two days even in the hours when Bbosa was killed.

“Naluwenda made dozens of calls to the suspected killers and we want to know what she was communicating. We have also seen through the call printouts that Tabula made contact with the killers. Noah Lujja has also confirmed to us that they executed Tabula’s job,” police sources told URN.

The Police yesterday announced a sh10m bounty for information that will lead to Tabula’s arrest.

“A substantial cash reward of sh10m awaits any member of the public who avails us credible information that can lead to his arrest. The wanted suspect is a resident of Kabango village, Kakoola parish, Mutubagumu sub-county, in Mpigi district,” Police Spokesman Fred Enanga said.

However, police are yet to arrest the third assailant who escaped when the locals lynched Sserunkuma and also arrested Lujja minutes after Bbosa had been gunned down. Enanga said more suspects are still at large.

“A full account of the preparation meetings, planning, acquisition of killer weapon, hiring of killers and execution of the murder will be availed in due course. We pledge to the family and all loved ones that the wanted suspects who are on the run, are known, and the pursuit for all those responsible for the violent murder, remains active and ongoing,” Enanga said.

Bbosa was laid to rest on Sunday at the Ndiga clan ancestral site at Mbaale –Mawokota, Mpigi district, a place where Tabula installed himself. Bbosa’s successor Eria Luggya Lwasi Buzaabo, has since been installed.

“We would like to warn, anybody who will be found harbouring the wanted suspect by concealing his arrest, to prevent his discovery or arrest, that they will be arrested and charged with harbouring a criminal,” Enanga said.

However, sources said the arrest of six other suspects including those serving in Buganda kingdom institutions has left many people wondering what privileges are attached to the clan leadership that has forced even respected persons to participate in the murder.


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