Gen. Katumba Wamala greeting the Muslims after the Eid prayers at Mukono Central Mosque. Inset, Muhammad Kashif.

Pakistan National Slaughters Five Cows for Mukono Community on Eid Day

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The Pakistan National, Muhammad Kashif of Hayat International Uganda Limited, a motor vehicle selling company in Kampala district has donated five bulls which have been slaughtered on Eid day and meat shared amongst the people of Mukono Municipality and Bombo town.

Muhammad Kashif of Hayat International Co Ltd slaughtering one of the bulls he donated for Muslims in Mukono.

Kashif said that he landed in the country yesterday on Tuesday from Japan to join the Muslim Community in Uganda as they celebrated Eid-Al Adha.

“I love the Muslims in Uganda, there are so many and they love Allah. So, I enjoy having such days together with them,” Kashif said.

Muhammad Kashif of Hayat International Co Ltd and Patrick Mubiru, deputy RDC Buvuma handing over meat packed in buveras to people.

Three out of the five cows were slaughtered at Wacity Motors, a car selling company in Mukono Municipality which is owned by the deputy Resident District Commissioner for Buvuma district, Patrick Mubiru, a business associate with Hayat International Company Limited.

The meat was shared amongst different people who included the Muslims and others from the Christian fraternity.

Some of the bulls which were donated by Muhammad Kashif after slaughtering.

Mubiru said that as they did last year, also this time they invited people who got a share of this meat so that they got the joy on Eid day.

He asked the Muslim fraternity to always preach peace and love for one another. He also called upon them to join the government poverty alleviation programs which include Emyoga, Parish Development Model (PDM), among others.

Gen. Katumba Wamala joins Muslims at Mukono Central Mosque

The Minister for Transport and Works, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has asked the Muslims and the rest of Ugandans to always have their country at heart and avoid promoting hatred amongst them but reconciliation.

Gen. Katumba Wamala addressing the Muslims at Mukono Central Mosque before the Eid prayers. Left, Shiekh Zubair Ssenkuba, the Mukono District Khadhi, Aj-Hajji Haruna Ssemakula (second right) and deputy District Khadhi, Sheikh Abas Kasolo (right).

Katumba made the remarks while addressing hundreds of Muslims who turned up at Mukono General Mosque for Eid prayers.

Earlier, the chairperson of the Muslims in Mukono district, Al-Hajji Haruna Ssemakula asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Muslim fraternity for the alleged Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a rebel organisation which recently slaughtered students at Lubiriha Senior Secondary School and the locals in Kasese district at the Mpondwe border while citing Muslim religion verses of Allah hu akbar. Over 50 people were killed from that attack and among those, were students.

Muslims at Mukono Central Mosque during the Eid prayers.

Ssemakula distanced the Muslim faith from such terrorism acts saying those should be regarded as individuals but not the Muslim fraternity.

In response, Gen. Katumba said it’s not only Muslims who take part in these terror acts but also other people from different religious denominations.

Some of the women who attended the Eid prayers at Mukono Central Mosque.

“The likes of Kibwetere, they were not Muslims, so as security, we cannot generalise such matters and zero on Muslims,” he said.

Sheikh Abas Kasolo, the Mukono deputy district Khadhi leading in the Eid prayers at Mukono Central Mosque.
The Muslims who attended the Eid prayers at Mukono Central Mosque.





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