Police Officer Charged for Manhandling 60-Year-Old Woman

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Assistant Inspector of Police Raphael Odongo has appeared before the Police Professional Standards Unit and was charged for aggressively pushing down an old woman, who was seen in a video that went viral in recent weeks.

PSU was tasked to trace where the incident happened and it has since been established that the woman manhandled by a policeman is Teddy Aweny, 60, a resident of Busolwe Town Council in Butaleja District.

The incident happened at around midday on Thursday while Aweny attempted to protect her son Pius Okello who was being arrested over a student’s tribal fight. Okello, a Senior Five student was among the students involved in the fight between the Banyole and Japadhola student communities in Butaleja district.

“The victim fell down backwards to the ground after she was forcefully pushed. The actions of our officer were found to be in breach of the Police Standing Orders and Code of Conduct. It is therefore; embarrassing that instead of protecting the 60-year-old, the officer was aggressive towards her,” PSU said in a report.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that Odongo’s trial is a reminder to all police officers that they are expected to exhibit professional behaviour at all times regardless of their rank, the operations or the duties they are executing.

However, PSU recommended that a separate file be opened against Aweny because she parked chaos in an attempt to protect her son.

“Aweny tried to block officers from arresting her son who attacked a police officer. It was during that process that she grabbed the collar of AIP Odongo Raphael Igelat but was forcefully pushed down. We continue to inform the public, that it is punishable to assault, attack or obstruct an officer on lawful duty,” PSU said.

Okello’s other colleagues who were behind the violence that led to the temporary closure of the school, on July 29, 2023, were suspended and asked to report back to school with their parents after one week. They had also been arrested by police but were later released on bond. These include Samuel Odongo, Richard Ochen and Simon Opio.

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