Ugandan Actress, Singer Evelyn Lagu is Dead

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Sad News: Popular Ugandan Actress, Singer Evelyn Lagu is confirmed Dead.

It’s a sad morning to the entertainment fraternity and entire supporters of Uganda’s Art industry following the death of one of the popular artists, Evelyn Lagu.

Original name, Evelyn Nakabira, has been confirmed dead today’s morning (Monday 18, 2023) after battling multiple chronic illnesses for quite a long time.

Evelyn was diagnosed with severe kidney and heart complications some time back and she has been frequently hospitalised over her deteriorating health.

Following the love and support Evelyn had from the public, her fan base mobilized for her millions of money to facilitate a life-saving kidney transplant in Turkey.

Unfortunately, following her precarious health condition at that time, the doctors recommended that she could not withstand the procedure, something which left the supporters and well-wishers heartbroken and with no further option.

Evelyn Lagu was born on June 1, 1982 in Kalungu district. She never had a chance to meet her father as both of her parents died when she was still a child.

Evelyn Lagu started staying with her aunt who was a midwife at Mityana right from a very tender age. She attended Aga Khan, Mityana Senior Secondary School and St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School Busuubizi where she sat for her A Level exams in 1999.

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