Man beheads Mother of his Four Children for Cheating on him

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The Police in Namisindwa District are holding a man who allegedly handed himself to police after cutting off the head of his wife.

The Elgon Region Police spokesperson, Rogers Taitika has identified the deceased as Justine Watsemba (24) and the suspect as Vincent Buwayo (35). The couple resides at Watoka 1 Village in Bumwali sub-county in Namisindwa district.

Taitika says that on September 15, 2023, at 11:00pm, Buwayo handed himself to police saying he had killed his wife with whom they have four children for cheating on him with many men.

“Upon confirming the allegations, we detained Buwayo on charges of murder by cutting on police file number CRB465/2023,” he said.

Police revealed that the body of Watsema was recovered without its head. Residents alleged that after cutting off her wife’s head, Buwayo carried it (the head) and dumped it at the home of one of the men he suspected to have had love affairs with her.

Buwayo’s blood stained clothes and the panga which he allegedly used to cut off the wife’s head were recovered from his brother’s pit latrine.

The residents have also alleged that on September 13, the suspect reported his wife to the local council II court alleging that the deceased was cheating on him with multiple men which she admitted and apologized to the husband.

However, the suspect alleges that she continued with the cheating, the reason he was forced to waylay her and upon getting her, he decided to cut off her head.

Taitika said that police managed to collect the deceased’s body parts and take them to Mbale City Mortuary for post-mortem.

Murder cases resulting from domestic violence and gender based violence are currently on the rise.

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