UPDF Officer Sentenced to Life over Double Murder

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The Mountain Division Field Court Martial sitting at the division headquarters in Muhoti – Fort Portal City has sentenced UPDF Corporal Peter Avugo Lomuro to life imprisonment on two counts of murder and attempted murder.

The court martial chaired by Lt. Col. Benon Besigye sentenced Avugo on his own plea of guilt for the murder of his two colleagues and attempted murder at Muhoti barracks on July 14, 2023.

While sentencing the accused, Lt. Col. Besigye said Avugo committed a heinous crime when he opened fire at his colleagues at a time when he was supposed to protect them.

He was found hiding near the barracks after committing the crime. The deceased’s lawyer told the military court that Avugo’s act warrants him to be out of society for good because it was serious and grievous in nature, which also contravened the roles of UPDF and the constitution, which mandates soldiers to protect civilians and their property.

However, the defense lawyer said the accused had known mental problems and often took alcohol, matters that the court could have found important to examine before giving him the sentence. The court said the accused had the right to appeal the sentence.


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