23yr-Old Arrested for Rape, Murder of 50yr-Old Woman

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The police in Aswa West River Region in Omoro district are holding a 23-year-old man for allegedly raping and murdering a 50-year-old woman.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson has identified the suspect as Opiyo Ivan Lanyet, a peasant farmer of Kiteng village and the deceased as Abong Veronica, a 50 year old female peasant of the same village. The incident is said to have happened on October 1, 2023 at 3:00am.

The police reported that the suspect who was returning from a funeral rite, first went to the home of Latigi Alice where he stole a hen together with its eggs, and proceeded to the home of the second victim.

“He broke the door open and raped the victim, then strangled her to death. After the murder, he stole her clothes and set the house on fire, thus burning the dead body beyond recognition. Suspect was trailed and arrested,” Enanga said.

He added: “As the police, we strongly condemn such acts of violence to the elderly, where vulnerable lonely women are attacked, sexually assaulted and murdered. We do maintain zero tolerance for all acts of sexual violence against vulnerable women. We are going to charge the 23-year-old suspect with Rape, Murder, Arson and Theft.”


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