Akii stadium in 2015.

Activists Receive Threats over Akii Bua Stadium construction 

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Activists in Lango are reportedly receiving threats following their petition over construction of Akii-Bua stadium in Lira City.

Last month, the activists petitioned Confederation of African Football (CAF) over the removal of Akii-Bua Olympic Stadium in Lira City from hosting the African Cup of Nations, AFCON 2027. Subsequently, the group launched a drive to generate one million signatures to support the petition.

However, barely a month after the petition was sent, the group have allegedly received threatening messages and phone calls from anonymous people questioning their interest in the 2027 games.

“What do you want, why are you disturbing government” reads a message from an anonymous person sent to Hon. Ishaa Otto Amiza, the former Oyam South Member of Parliament who is also the Team Lead of Activists for Akii Bua Stadium.

Otto believes that the threats are being orchestrated by propagandists who do not want to see the stadia constructed in Lango.


Having been arrested and detained during previous protests, Otto says they will not bow down to the current threats.

Denis Obic Awio, the Vice Chairperson confirmed having personally been threatened over the phone including some members of his family. Although he has reported the matter to police for proper investigations, Obic says the threats will not stop their activism.

Moses Mawa, another activist said the numbers being used to threaten them are not registered.  Mawa who believes that they are demanding for what is right says God is in control and only God has the decision as to what happens to them.

So far, the activists have managed to collect 100,000 signatures on both hard copies and online. They are set to submit other petitions with backed-up signatures to other National and International Agencies such as the International Court of Arbitration for sports for legal redress.

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