Fun as Treasured Kids Nest Primary School holds Sports Gala 2023

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The commandant of the Prisons Academy and Training School in Uganda, Brenda Sana has urged parents to encourage their children to take part in sports activities right from their infancy. 

Sana says talents have these days become a way of living for many people, adding that it’s advisable for parents to identify and nurture their children’s talents as early as they can.

She made the remarks while officiating at the sports gala of Treasured Kids Nest Nursery and Primary School located in Kiwanga Cell in Goma Division in Mukono Municipality.

Sana, who also doubles as the vice chairperson of Maroons Football Club which is under the Uganda Prisons Service said that parents can take part in building their children’s dreams and talent which can be a way of transforming their future.

The 2023 Inter-houses sports competition which took place at Kiwanga UMEA Primary School playground started with pupils together with their teachers matching through Kiwanga town.

The learners who were smartly dressed in tracksuits and sports attires first assembled at the school before taking off for the match which was led by a brass band. At the field, the pupils took part in the parade which they presented perfectly.

Three houses including; Platinum, Gold and Diamond participated in the inter-houses sports competition, which had a very tight race for all of the participants as they were enthusiastic at winning medals and the overall trophy.

The children participated in different games that included; Chess, sack race, bottle filling, chair dance, athletics, dress competition and many others.

The parents also had a turn to showcase their talents as they competed with the teachers. It was indeed a fantastic event that attracted cheers from the crowds that turned up for the event in big numbers.

Parents’ representative thanked the directors for enabling their children to participate in co-curricular activities.

The school headmistress, Grace Mary Kyakyo said as a school they make sure that they bring up all-round children who are God fearing, talented and academically bright.

Kyakyo pledged to double their efforts saying apart from doing well in sports, music, dance and drama, they have also been taking lead during the release of the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

The school directors, Janet Nafula Omita and Robert Omita fully participated in the day’s activities.

Omita who is also a carrier correction officer whose main role is to educate and rehabilitate inmates under the Uganda Prisons said the school is moving to the next level and thanked the parents for playing their role.

“Having played a big role in transforming the inmates for decades, where I have a good number of them who came out of prison with totally changed characters, we thought it would again work better if we also dedicated our best even to the young ones,” Omita said.

He added that it’s better to start training the young stars in morals especially through sports such that they don’t deviate even when they grow up.

Omita noted that children need to be trained in a holistic way and that’s what Treasured Kids Nest Nursery and Primary School does.

At the end of the competition, the best participants were awarded with medals.

Later, the winners were announced with Diamond House taking the day with 192 points, Gold House following with 190 points and Platinum scoring at least 172 points.


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