Fun as St. Balikuddembe Old Students Dine Together in Kampala

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St. Balikuddembe Kisoga Old Students Association (BAKIOSA) got special memories and experiences at a reunion dinner.

Held at Koki Hotel in Kampala City Centre, the re-union gathered former students of St. Balikuddembe Senior Secondary School Kisoga right from Fr. John of God Masaaba, the first student to be registered in the school, 25 years ago up to the latest old students.

‘Not Party and Party’ as one of the local songs booming in town recently, but song after song, dance after dance, beer after beer, soda, nyama choma, so on and so forth.

Though to the organisers it was not a simple task to fulfil as many of the people who turned up did not pick up the idea at first, but the end results left many yearning for another edition.#

For the many talents that got nurtured at St. Balikuddembe right from the start, one ones who include Hellena Nanjego the Nkwagala Uganda yange hit maker, Mukyala Doctor, the one and only, Rema Namakula who did not only shine at school following the numerous songs they sung in school choir like, Dembe song, which highlighted the reason as to why everyone must promote human rights, for they are God given but not permitted by government. But even now, Rema is one of the leading celebrities in town, who can make young, youth, old, men and women dance if her music is played.

As the list is endless, Martin Nkoyoyo alias Yoyo and Ivan Kapeepe, the Kikenembi hit maker represented the rest for the dinner. For your information, the duo kept the vibe so high, leaving every one’s mood in 180 all the time.

The photo session of the BAKIOSA members in their different years taking pictures with the administration was another session which amused the participants.

Chairperson school Board of Governors commends BAKIOSA’s move

The chairperson St. Balikuddembe S.S Kisoga board of governors, Fr. Lawrence Tamale commended the initiative by the old students to come together in a formal arrangement.

Fr. Tamale however called upon other BAKIOSA members to join their friends and move together at the same pace.

“We should emulate vibrant old students unions in schools like Namilyango College, the Namilyango College Old Boys Association (NACOBA) which has registered tremendous success. They have a savings scheme which has billions of shillings in their share capital. Let’s start now, we will equally reach there,” he said.

Fr. Tamale said that the NACOBA members moved a step from merely meet, eat, drink and go, but they use their meetings to plan for great things including putting up some development projects at the school.

The school headteacher, Lydia Lukwago Kagoya acknowledged the contribution of some old students for the school including those who have of late funded some projects, others who have selected the school as their number one for the education of their children and many more who have recommended it to their relatives and friends.

“As the school administrators, we are so grateful for the much love and support we get from you, our old students. Please continue getting the rest on board,” she said.

Jude Aguma, the BAKIOSA president said that their vision is so big and that he is happy because a big number of the BAKIOSA members have already pledged their support to them.

“We intended to ignite something big from this dinner, it’s therefore the reason we asked Fr. Tamale to give us a talk. We hope to perform even better next time,” he promised.


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