Rev. Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula, the bishop elect of Luweero diocese.

Nullified Bishop-elect Can. Kasana Breaks Silence

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From Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula, the nullified fourth bishop-elect of Luweero diocese, his close family members and friends, the unfortunate decision of the House of the Bishops to have his election and consecration cancelled is baseless without facts and evidence.

Right from day one, Canon Kasana has been denying the allegations of having children outside his official marriage. When he was asked to give his defence, Canon Kasana showed that he last talked to the woman whom the petitioners against his election accuse him of having marital affairs which resulted into children in 2017, dening the allegations and referred to them as malice by a section of people who did not feel happy upon his success.

Bukedde Newspaper Saturday publication quotes some of Canon Kasana’s close friends whom he allegedly spoke to after his nullification news came out saying it’s unfortunate that the House of Bishops took such a decision against him while basing on mere allegations!
Bukedde reported that before meeting members of the House of the Bishops, the Archbishop, Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu invited Canon Kasana, his wife, Harriet Kasana together with the outgoing Bishop of Luweero Diocese, Bp. Eridad Kironde Nsubuga and his wife, Jane Nsubuga into his office. It’s alleged that Dr. Kazimba presented the evidence which was presented by the petitioners to them. It is the same evidence that was presented before the House of Bishops and the Bishops decided to nullify the election and the consecration ceremony of Canon Kasana.

Kasana got married to Harriet Kasana in 1990s but the petitioners alleged that he got another wife with whom they produced two other children outside his official marriage. However, to Bishop Kasana, those are false and baseless allegations. Canon Kasana was elected on April 3, 2023 and his consecration was set on July 16, 2023.

However, on Wednesday June 28, 2023, the House of the Bishops which sat in Hoima nullified his election and also cancelled his consecration. Upon receiving this very unfortunate and unexpected news from the House of the Bishops, Canon Kasana fainted and they had to seek medical attention for him.

The same petitioners first appealed against the select committee’s decision to present the name of Rev. Abel Sserwanja Mereewooma, the parish priest of Kireka in Namirembe diocese whom they said that he had flouted the rules and regulations which included the fact that he had not yet reached the mandatory age, having submitted his interest late, among others. As per the request of the petition, Rev. Sserwanja was disqualified and replaced.

These decisions have however not left the Church of Uganda and the House of Bishops the same. Different people have started questioning whether the members of the House of Bishops are really guided by the Holy Spirit while playing this nobel role or they just fulfill their human interests!

It should be also noted that in this year alone, over five Dioceses across the entire Province has had new Bishops elected and consecrated while many more including the yet to be vacant Luweero Diocese, Namirembe Diocese and the Newly proposed East Busoga Dioceses are yet to get New Bishops which mandate is accomplished by the House of Bishops.

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