Police Officers Warned Against Carrying VIP’s Handbags

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Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) Mwesigwa Frank has cautioned Police officers to be vigilant on protecting the Uganda Police Force’s reputation while fulfilling their constitutional mandate to serve the citizens.

SCP Mwesigwa, the Deputy Director of Counter-Terrorism Police emphasized the importance of showing unwavering respect for society and the individuals they protect while on duty.

SCP Frank Mwesigwa addressing the officers on their pass out.

“We are here to serve the people, not the other way around,” Said Mwesigwa before adding, “It is essential that we respect and actively listen to them. Remember, even the equipment we carry is community-owned. Our status as armed officers should never lead us to underestimate the significance of society. Let us maintain our dedication to our duty.”

He made the remarks at a graduation ceremony for police officers specializing in Counter-Terrorism where a total of 103 officers completed a rigorous one-month induction course, focusing on the protection of Very Important Persons (VIPs) and the fight against terrorism on September 22, 2023 at Kigo Marine Base.

Mwesigwa reiterated that respect is fundamental to preserving the Force’s esteemed reputation.

The primary goal of this course was to strengthen their capabilities, skills, and professionalism in executing these critical responsibilities within Uganda.

He also stressed the need for police officers to adopt a more perceptive approach to identifying and effectively managing threats.

The graduates and SCP Frank Mwesigwa after their pass out in a group photo.

Additionally, he drew attention to officers’ concern where some bodyguards assigned to VIPs were exceeding their professional mandates by performing tasks like carrying bags and handling domestic chores. The Senior Commissioner of Police underscored the significance of adhering strictly to one’s professional duties and responsibilities while on duty.

“We are actively planning additional training programs to enhance your capabilities. We recognize the limitations in our numbers, but our commitment remains strong in equipping you with invaluable skills. Once you acquire these skills, make the utmost use of them,” he stated.

All the participants were henceforth called upon to uphold discipline and set high standards as police officers, emphasizing that this would result in enhanced efficiency, improved service delivery, and an overall elevation of the force’s professionalism.

The country is on high alert against terrorism, underscoring the critical need for vigilance from both our security agencies and the citizens.

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