Boy with Cerebral Palsy Gets Aggregate 9, Aims at Becoming a Doctor

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William Kizito (15) scored aggregate 9 from the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). Kizito who is suffering from cerebral palsy sat his PLE from Bishop West Boarding Primary School, an inclusive school belonging to Mukono diocese and located in Mukono Central Division, Mukono Municipality.

He had in impressive scores that included; Science (3), Mathematics (2), Social Studies (2) and English (2).

The over joyous William Kizito posing for a photo with her headteacher, Lydia Nakachwa.

A son to Dr. Drake Kizito, Kizito’s performance among other people surprised and impressed the bishop of Mukono diocese, Enos Kitto Kagodo. The cerebral palsy deformed Kizito to the extent that he cannot write, he cannot feed himself and he also finds hardship in talking.

Kizito’s headteacher, Lydia Nakachwa told Kyaggwe TV that while releasing the PLE results on Thursday, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Executive Director, Dan Odong noted that Kizito was the best candidate in Uganda among the rest of the cerebral palsy candidates, having scored a first grade yet the rest were in second and third grades.

“We recruited Kizito in Primary One when he could not walk nor stand upright. Because our school is inclusive, with special needs children and the rest who are normal, he was loved by the rest of the classmates and teachers who helped him to perform almost everything a learner does while at school including feeding him,” she said adding;

“Before the year ended, he started standing up with the help of the wall. As time went by, he started walking and the whole school would feel amused by each step of development he kept on adding on. I am so happy that he managed to get these best grades each parent would love to get from his or her child.”

Upon getting his results, Kizito together with his father met Bp. Kagodo at the school who congratulated him for the good performance.

“This is so good, not only to Kizito but also to the parents of special needs children out there. It’s high time you realised that being disabled is not the end of the day. Disabled children too can learn like the rest of the children and excel,” he said.

The bishop of Mukono diocese Enos Kitto Kagodo, Lydia Nakachwa (left) the headteacher, William Kizito ( second left) and his father Dr. Drake Kizito (right).

Bp. Kagodo challenged parents who have been denying their disabled children their right to education to pick a lesson from Dr. Kizito who did not hide his son and today he has also rewarded him with good PLE performance.

“We cannot take Kizito’s success for granted. UNEB’s ED Odong said that 88,000 candidates completely failed PLE and cannot join secondary schools. Meaning we need to praise Kizito who could not write down notes given the fact that his hands are incapacitated but still he managed to succeed with aggregate 9,” he said.

Bp. Kagodo congratulating William Kizito.

Becoming a doctor is Kizito’s dream career so that he can be in position to treat sick people even when he is in that particular kind of life.

Dr. Kizito said that he was so impressed by the son’s performance adding that he is to make consultations so that he can get the best school which will accommodate him for his future studies.

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