Cheaper Options to Keep your Kidneys and Liver Fit

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Cheaper Options to Keep your Kidneys and Liver Fit

Do you know that during dialysis, blood is removed from the body through the red tube, passed through the dialysis machine, and then reintroduced into the body system through the blue tube.

This process is repeated for four hours while the patient remains immobile in bed.

The procedure is carried out three times a week, which results in twelve times a month, and each time it takes four hours, which results in a total of forty-eight hours a month.

For those not affected, this process of flushing your kidneys occurs automatically 36 times every day with zero effort or discomfort.
While you are reading this, quit alcohol, quit processed foods, quit junky fries , quit unnecessary use of sugar and importantly hit the gym. All these are easier and cheaper options to keep your kidneys and liver fit.

Always be grateful for good health ❤️

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