Central College Kabimbiri's player with the ball in the game which Mukono Kings High School lost 1 to 2 goals.

Defending Champions Mukono Kings Knocked Out of Post Primaries

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By Henry Zikusooka

Four teams have today progressed to the semi-finals in Mukono district Post Primaries football tournament, one of the most prestigious football tournaments at the secondary school level commonly known as Copa Coca-cola Championship. Unfortunately, the defending champions of Mukono Kings High School have not made it to the next level.

The referees leading Central College Kambibiri (in red) and Mukono Kings High School’s teams into the game.

The semi-finalists include; Latifah Mixed Senior School, Dynamic Senior School, Central College Kabimbiri and Kasawo Senior School.

The Mukono Kings’ one to two goals defeat to Central College Kabimbiri is the game that sparked danger for the defending champions.

Immediately after the blowing of the last whistle, the two camps started pointing fingers at each other saying the two teams were having players who are not mandated to play in the tournament.

Mukono Kings’ coach, Shafic Mudolo told Kyaggwe TV that he had petitioned the organising committee protesting the rival side’s use of players that are not supposed to play in the tournament (bakyuba).

Shafiq Mudolo, the coach for Mukono Kings High School speaking.

We however learnt that Central College Kabimbiri had also protested some players in Mukono Kings’ squad and petitioned to the organisers.

The eight teams which were grouped into two for the quarter finals have played at Nakanyonyi in Nakifuma-Naggalama Town Council.

Latifah Mixed Senior School (in red) playing with Dynamic Senior School.

Group A had Latifah Mixed Senior School, Dynamic Senior School, Of Yale Senior School and St. Johns Senior School-Kauga.

The teams for group B are; Central College Kabimbiri, Mt. St. Henry’s High School, Kings High School, and Kasawo Senior School.

Mt. St. Henry’s High School Prayer with the ball in the match which they lost to Mukono Kings High School on 4 to 1 goals.

Some of the results from the played matches include;

Kasawo S.S 2 Vs 1 Mt. St. Henry’s

Kings High 1 Vs 2 Central College Kabimbiri

Kasawo S.S 0 Vs 0 Kings High

Kings High 4 Vs 1 Mt. St. Henry’s

St. John’s 2 Vs 1 Of Yale

Of Yale 0 Vs 0 Dynamic

Latifah 1 Vs 0 Of Yale

Dynamic 0 Vs 1 Latifah

The semi-finals and the finals are expected to take place on Wednesday at Uganda Christian University playground.

Mukono Kings High School’s supporters celebrating a goal against Mt. St. Henry’s High School.






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