Heavy Rain, Landslides Kill 47 in Tanzania

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Severe flooding and landslides have killed at least 47 people, leaving over 80 wounded in northern Tanzania, local officials say.

It happened near the slopes of Mount Hanang, where President Samia Hassan has now deployed national security forces to help rescue efforts.

Homes and infrastructure were also damaged by the adverse weather.

Flooding is said to be the greatest natural hazard in Tanzania, affecting tens of thousands of people each year.

East Africa has been badly hit by floods and landslides in 2023, partly caused by the El Niño weather phenomenon.

Last month in Tanzania, higher than usual rainfall resulted in deaths and destruction to property in the capital Dar es Salaam and the areas of Kigoma, Kagera, Geita and Unguja.

Crops in some parts of the country have been washed away, affecting people’s livelihoods.

Tanzania’s meteorology agency has warned that the rains will continue this month.

Source: BBC 

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